We have been supporting Japanese food  for over 100 years.

The History of Suzukatsu began in 1904 when the founder started the salt collection business on the coast .
Since then, we have been supporting the Japanese food culture with the development of the basic seasonings, while transforming our business into the production of salt, soy sauce, sauce, miso, and various seasonings.
To the present day, we have developed various products to meet everyone’s needs toward our goal “Easily enjoy authentic tastes at home”.

We recognized that we have a mission to support continuously the Japanese food culture that is loved and appreciated all over the world.

Company Profile

Name Suzukatsu Co., Ltd.
President Eiko Suzuki
Founded in 1904
Paid-in capital 10 million yen
Business content Manufacture of  liquid seasonings
Products Kabayaki sauce Teriyaki sauce Soy sauce  Seasoning sauce
Major bank Shizuoka Bank
Address Adress:1915 Yoshinaga Yaizu Shizuoka 421-0211